Sunday, March 12, 2006

Diary of Don Iverson, March 8

For those who were concerned about our Indian brethren......

Contact Don to be put on his update I will broadcast no further for him. May God bless - Kirk White, Asbury church of Christ.

Kuthin Guli

Today I stood on the morning shore of Kuthin Guli Village. I watched scores of fishermen as they rode their brightly-painted new boats inland on the waves. It's early morning and most have fished all night. A crowd of men are gathered beneath a grass shed auctioning their catch. One man explained that he had yielded 4,000 ruppees ($88) from the night before. Ladies, squatting on the ground, cleaned their fish in preparation for going to the market. Excitedly, some of the fishermen escorted me to see the baby sharks they had caught during the night.

But these are not our brothers. Our brothers have been standing on the shore casting partial remnants of nets to try and catch enough fish to feed their families. Some of these faithful have searched to find shells and souvenir items they can sell for the tourist industry. At one brother's house I saw a partial cadamaran (canoe like boat) that had been cut in half by the tsunami. By sawing the boat and attaching a scrap board across the open end, they had been dangerously attempting to fish with half of a boat. These mighty men, babes in Christ, have been denied assistance because they are now members of the church of Christ.

The Word of God is powerful (Heb. 4:12). And as these fishermen's hearts were being pricked by the good news of a loving Savior who gave his life, they knew what would be the consequences of their confession. Their faith was greater than their fear and they looked into the eye of the "beast" and boldly proclaimed, "I will stand with God." I love these men!

FOOTNOTE: As I sit in this e-mail office on March 8, we jave just handing over money to the boat company to buy boats for these brethren. They will be delivered tomorrow. This is only one of the areas where we are able to assist. As I sit here I am thankful to a loving and compassionate Father who cares for his children. I am thankful for our brethren who have generously given to help these men. What a privilege I have to be here. Thank you. God is Great!

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