Thursday, October 27, 2005

What do you think?

What do you think, Evolution or Creation?

The majority of the “scientifically educated” community believes in theories such as the “Big Bang Theory” and “Darwin’s Theory on Evolution”. But what is a Theory?

To Explain a Theory you first have to realize the pattern those ‘scientists’ have to go through before it becomes a Theory.

The first step is a simple thought, idea, or opinion about something.

The second step is called a thesis and a thesis is a proposition to be proved or advanced without proof.

The last and final step is a Theory which is defined as a plausible or scientifically acceptable general principle or body of principles offered to explain phenomena.

Did you notice that not one of these steps must involve truth? It doesn’t have to be true to be accepted as a Theory, but yet they enforce teaching the theories of evolution in school.

Now do you really want to teach someone something if you don’t know if it’s true?

Just because a group of people acclaim it to be fact does that mean its true?

If so then we are all in a great deal of trouble because the world has already ended over a hundred times.

So does it really matter what you think?

It really matters what you know.

Do you know what really matters?

In this life and the next?

So how do you really know if something is true or not?

Some people think that the bible is made up, how can you prove them wrong?

Well truth is told, you can’t always tell someone that they are wrong, sometimes they just have to find that out for themselves.

But have you ever stopped to think about it?

What if Heaven & Hell didn’t exist?

What if God didn’t create the universe?

Well every time I ask myself if God didn’t create the universe then who did?

And if there isn’t a Heaven or a Hell why would we be put on earth?

Why did he save Noah?

Why did he save the Jews?

Why did he send his only son to die for our sins?

The scriptures tell all, the scriptures say why God saved Noah in Genesis Chapter six, why he saved the Jews in Exodus Chapter three, and why he sent his only son to die for our sins in Romans Chapter three.

Still some say after reading the scriptures, that if they can’t touch it, see it, or taste it they don’t believe it.

So here is what you do for them, take them out to eat to a sit down restaurant have them order their food, and when the waiter or waitress comes out with their food ask them.

Is there a chef?

If they say yes, then ask them how they know, because they didn’t see them, they didn’t touch them and they defiantly didn’t taste them.

And then they might say well I can just go in to the kitchen and see them.

Then say well you can do the same with God.

First you have to know what to do and then you have to do it.

It’s that simple.

First you have to hear the word of God

Then you have to believe the word of God

Next you have to obey God’s will which is to repent of your sins and be baptized for the remission of your sins.

Then walk the Christian life and you will eventually see God.

Some might still say,

“Well I would have the chef come to me.”

“God won’t come to me.”

Have you ever made a chef at a restaurant come out of the kitchen?

Would you really want to be responsible for no one else being served but your self?

I would strongly suggest that you don’t make the chef mad who is making your food.

Would you really want God to stop what he is doing and come down to talk to you so you could believe him?

And what would it take for you to believe him?

I don’t think most people would be for a simple, “Hello, I’m God.”

What does it take you to know God?

What does it take you to believe God?

What does it take for you to obey God?

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I like that correlation, i will use it sometime.