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Sermon for mother's day

The four main point are under:
"IV. Things Your Mother Wants You To Know"
A. She wants you to know why she disciplines you
B. She wants you to know why she nags at you
C. She wants you to know why she embarrasses you with hugs and kisses in front of your friends
D. She wants you to know why she takes you to church. I tried to think like a woman on this one. I like biblical portraits of good mothers and bad mothers but I have enough of those in stock right now so I reinvented myself........Hiii Yaa'lllll! Make it happen! Welcome Tim & Mark - if you want off the list just let me know!
Have a great mother's day!
Mother’s Day 2005
Prov. 6:20-23
I. Introduction
A. Struggles on Mother’s day.
1. For some, motherhood is an accident, and not always a welcome one;
2. for some, biological motherhood isn’t possible;
3. for others, mothers weren’t all that nice;
4. Several of us has laid our mothers to sweet rest, awaiting our reunion.
5. In any case, motherhood under the very best of circumstances is still less than a bed of roses.
B. If I can take some liberties with poet Wilhelm Busch’s words, a woman may say:
1. “To become a (mother) is not so difficult; on the other hand, be-ing (mother) is very much so!”
2. A cartoon showed a psychologist talking to his patient: "Let's see," he said, "You spend 50 percent of your energy on your job, 50 percent on your husband and 50 percent
on your children. I think I see your problem."
C. I believe there are situations today which puts motherhood in jeopardy:
1. A Demanding Career or Selfish ambitions.

2. Building glass castles - unrealistic expectations about life in general -
a. If we had more money, if I had a finer house, nicer clothes our children would be happier. If my child became involved in sporting activities they will have more friends, if all the family lived in one place (grandparents, etc..) we would have wonderful holidays.

b. You know your castle - its just “the grass is greener on the other side of the fence” complex. (Heb. 13:5 Let your lifestyle be without covetousness...)
3. Abuse of drugs or pain killers, alcohol has put motherhood at risk.
4. Having friends who are so demanding of your time.
5. Extramarital affairs.
D. I’ve never seen motherhood in jeopardy when:
1. The words of her mouth is spoken in truth and kindness Prov. 31:26.
2. Scratches are anointed and boo-boo’s kissed.
3. Mom puts on the apron, grabs a broom, picks up a mop after a long hard day at work.
A teacher asked a boy this question: "Suppose your mother baked a pie and there were seven of you--your parents and five children. What part of the pie would you get?" "A sixth," replied the boy. "I'm afraid you don't know your fractions," said the teacher. "Remember, there are seven of you." "Yes, teacher," said the boy, "but you don't know my mother. Mother
would say she didn't want any pie."
4. Palm oil is applied liberally and evenly distributed among the siblings.
5. When a mother puts her child to bed full and closes her child’s eyes with prayer.
6. You see, your motherhood will never be in jeopardy if you give it your all.
E. A disturbing yet comprehensive painting - I saw a painting where someone was trying to express the anxiety, uncertainty and dangers that a motherhood possesses. At first glance
you see the mother depicted as a body without a face but having a set of large smiling lips. This of course represented her happiness over having her child. This body with large smiling lips was hugging her infant in a loving way with a great expression of satisfaction. The infant however,
she was so lovingly embraced was painted as a large butcher knife with its blade resting upon the side of her neck. Drawn into in the silvery blade, the face of her infant beamed brightly. The mother was embracing the handle of the knife where the arms and legs of the infant were
situated. The message I believe might be indicating this about motherhood
- Squeeze too tightly and it will cut you. Let go to quickly and it may destroy another. This painter was expressing the idea that children can be like knives, very beautiful, yet very dangerous if not sharpened properly. Of course I am no interpreter of paintings, it was a scary
picture, yet many mothers know what I mean.
Mothers have a saying, “When our children are young, they step on our
toes, when they become older, they step on our heart.” It is a rare situation where a mother never experiences this pain.
II. Good Mothers, however are professional worriers.
A. Because of your great love, you become more anxious than the father concerning things which may happen to your child.
B. Medical and physiological research has discovered that a mother begins to worry before her child is born.
1. This is why there is so much money spent on tests, sonograms, and such like - to ease the state of hysteria that a woman may develop when expecting.
a. A medical journal writes, “Maternal worries about separation from 3-month-old infants predicted maternal separation anxiety when infants were 9 months old. Mother's attachment to her husband and her perception of her child's temperament further predicted maternal separation anxiety at 9 months over and above the worries at 3 months.”
b. If this is fear of maternal separation is happening at 3 months, we might can understand why it is so hard for mothers to “cut the apron string.”
2. Because of her worries she may go through a period after birthing her child described as “post pardom depression.”
C. Here are some documented reasons why mothers get so stressed out. Children, your mother worries about things like this:

1. Will my baby die - like I read about SIDS. (Sudden Infant DeathSyndrome).
2. Can I protect him/her from harm? I read this week about this story in the Swartz Creek (Michigan?) community school in which two children were poked with a hypodermic needle that someone had placed a bag on the school playground (4/6/05 ABC onlinenews).
3. Is my baby normal - will it grow up to have friends or will it be socially dysfunctional. Will he/she inherit some family illness.
4. Is it eating enough or too much, you know how children tease each other.
5. Is it sleeping enough or getting too much sleep. Are they ADD - hyper; or do they have some illness which makes them tired & sleep like diabetes.
6. Is my baby crying too much. How can I determine cries of hunger pain from other cries.
7. Will other children love my baby for how they look.
8. Will they grow up to love their father? Will he be patient enough with them?
9. Will I be able to provide for my child. What if I get laid off?
10. How do I know that I am a good parent? All the other kids have so much.
D. Here is some additional very real worries your mother has for you all your life:
1. Am I protecting them enough from the West Nile Virus?
2. Will they become violent because of what they watch on TV?
3. Will they find a weapon and harm themselves or others?
4. Are they old enough for that toy? Will he shoot his eye out with that BB gun? Will they get injured on that bicycle, four-wheeler, or motorcycle we got them for their pleasure?
5. Will they get beat up at school, molested, or raped when out on a date? Will they become sexually active before marriage?
6. Will they get involved in drugs or alcohol?
7. Will there be enough money for college education?
8. Will there be a war my child will have to fight in?
9. Will they grow up to be a good Christian person? Will they marry a person who is good to them?
10. When they travel, will they be harmed by an act of terrorism?
11. Will they know how to raise their kids. Have they got enough money for shoes this fall?
12. Will they take care of me when I get old? And the list can go on for days.......
The truth is, telling a mother not to worry is about as effective as giving a kid a lollipop and telling them not to lick on it.
III. What I believe your mother wants you to know.

We have on our currency, “In God we trust.” Do we not know that the
first person we begin to trust is our mother. Mothers, what awesome
responsibility it is for you to do right by your children. So I believe
there are some things which you have done that builds trust between you
and them, there are some things children, that your mother wants you to know, Here are four of them.
A. Your mother wants their children to know that she disciplines you because:
1. God told me to “Always punish a child if it needs it. It will not hurt him to spank him. If you spank him, you may save his life” (Prov. 23:13, 14 ERV).
2. She does not want you to grow up to be a jail bird.
a. Those who are in jail has harmed somebody or put others in danger.
b. We are told to obey the law of the land (Rom. 13). Obedience begins
at your mother & father’s house. She knows, that if you cannot follow their simple rules, how will you respect the rules of the land?
3. She wants you to know there are consequences for making bad decisions (2 Cor. 5:10).
4. So when you grow up you can tell your children, “My mom would have never let me get away with that and you aren’t either.”
5. See mothers discipline us because they love us (Prov. 13:24 ERV)
“If a person truly love his children, then he will correct them when they are wrong. If you love your son, then you will be careful to teach him the right way.”
B. You mother wants you to know that she nags at you because:
1. You influence how other young people think and behave.
a. There is no such thing as someone not having influence, it may be good, it may be bad, but everyone has influence. example - belching contest. someone suggests to spray paint graffiti on school lockers. Will you participate or encourage the person suggesting the idea you cannot
be a part in this wrong doing. In school there are the “preppies & nerds; rednecks & geeks; goodie, goodie’s & bullies.
b. She wants you to know that there is nothing wrong in having a Christian influence on your friends (1 Pet. 4:15, 16). By the way, if you don’t do it, who will?
2. She nags at you because, there’s nothing wrong in having good manners.
a. Yes, Maam. No, Sir, is always a proper way to address adults. Foul language is for the birds. “When you talk, you should always be kind and wise. Then you will be able to answer every person in the way you should” (Col. 4:6 Easy to Read Version).
3. She nags at you because She knows you represent the family when you are out in the world. You represent her. You represent your father.
a. Terry Bradshaw’s (quarterback for super bowl champions Pittsburgh Steelers) father told him, “Terry when you go out, you represent the family name.”
b. Every teenager needs to be reminded of this constantly. What you do reflects upon your mother’s character. You have influence!
c. When we as members of the body of Christ realize this, we might just change our behavior. We are the light for a very dark world. Don’t put your candle under a basket.
C. Your mother wants you to know that she hugs you and kisses you and embarrass you in front of your friends because:
1. There is nothing wrong in showing someone you love them. (faith, hope, love)
2. It may be the last time you get to kiss her or tell her you love her back (car accidents, school violence, just this past week a child was accidentally run over by a school bus as the child attempted to pick up a dropped back pack) Years ago, a young mother, carrying her tiny baby, was making her way across the hills of South Wales, when she was overtaken by a blinding
blizzard. She never reached her destination and when the blizzard had subsided her body was found by searchers beneath a mound of snow. But they discovered that before her death, she had taken off all her outer clothing and wrapped it about her baby. When they unwrapped the child, to their great surprise and joy, they found he was alive and well. She had mounded her body over his and given her life for her child, proving the depths of her love. Years later that child, David Lloyd George, grown to manhood, became prime minister of Great Britain, and, without doubt, one of England’s greatest statesman. - there’s nothing wrong in showing
someone you love them.
3. Jesus did not fail to show us his love even though men tried to prevent it. Not letting your mother show her love for you in public is shameful on your part.
D. Your mother wants you to know that she takes you to church because:
1. She wants you to be reminded that you are made in the image of God.
a. Something inside you will live forever. You have a spirit which is like unto God.
b. Make that spirit shine by following his word (1 Cor. 6:20).
2. She takes you to church because she wants you to know that the Bible is the ONLY way God communicates to you.
a. She knows your faith in God will come by hearing his message preached (1 Tim. 4:16). So get to bed early on Saturday so you can hear God on Sunday. I pray she is teaching you during the rest of the week.
3. She takes you to church because she wants you to know that you can please God and her by letting Jesus be your example.

a. The Bible says we need to choose our friends wisely for there are
many wicked people in the world (1 Cor. 15:33 ERV) “Don’t be fooled, bad friends will ruin good habits.”
b. Children, Jesus was never caught pushing over the porta potties, smoking dope, fulfilling sexual pleasures outside marriage, calling people names, not forgiving someone who wronged him. WWJD
4. She takes you to church because she wants you to know that sin is black, hell is hot, eternity is forever.
a. Don’t take her word for it - sin is bad. “When a person sins, he breaks God’s law. Yes, sinning is the same as living against Gods law” (1Jn. 3:4 ERV).
b. It describes hell as a place where there is hot coals of fire. Your
mother does not want you to get burnt so she cries out to you - “HOT.” She takes you to church because the Bible cries out - “Hell is hot - HOT!.”

c. Eternity. Well its like waiting for Christmas to come or like what it takes for you to turn 18 except a whole lot longer.
1) When we are young, we are afraid to be by ourselves. When we become young adults we can’t wait to leave. When we become mothers and fathers on our own, we can’t wait to come back home. Wouldn’t it be grand for every parent and child to be reunited together forever in eternity in a beautiful land called heaven with Jesus and all our friends because we
decided to follow Jesus.
A. Children, Mothers worry about you constantly - you can’t prevent it.

B. Mothers worry because there are dangers about that you don’t realize.
1. Just this week, our dog Ollie was barking at me with his chew toy in his mouth. I was so move, I stopped what I was doing and went to play with him for a few minutes. As soon as I let him loose, I noticed my neighbor’s dog, which is quite aggressive out of its pen. Unfortunately I had to chain our dog back up and promised to come back and play latter. (yes, I did) The truth is, Children, you may not be able to see the danger out there, but mothers do. They do things which you do not understand. They are the protectors of your life if you will but follow
their instructions.
C. There are some things your mother wants you to know concerning the way they act.
1. She doesn’t discipline you just for fun.
2. She doesn’t nag at you just to hear herself talk.
3. She doesn’t love on you in front of your friends just to embarrass you.
4. She doesn’t take you to church just because there is no where else to go.
D. Don’t forget to thank God for a godly mother!

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